Parental Responsibility Evaluation (PRE)

A PRE includes a full family evaluation, including psychological testing, and a thorough report to the court.  The purpose of a PRE is to assist the court in determining the best interests of children regarding parental responsibilities, including parenting time and parental decision-making.  A PRE is appropriate in cases involving high conflict and/or complicated issues which call for in-depth evaluation.  Must be court ordered. Usually requires a minimum of 40 hours of professional time over a 90-120 day period.  

Parent Coordinator/Decision-Maker (PC/DM)

As a parent-coordinator, Dr. McNamara assists parents in the implementation of their parenting plan and developing effective methods for co-parent communication and coordination.  Frequency of sessions vary from weekly to semi-annually, depending on the  issues involved.  If authorized, Dr. McNamara can also serve as a decision-maker.  As a decision-maker, Dr. McNamara can make binding decisions that clarify or assist with implementation of the provisions of a pre-existing court order in a manner that is consistent with the substantive intent of the court order.  A PC must be court-ordered.  Decision-making authority requires agreement by the parents and a court order.  PC/DM appointments are for up to two years.  


A confidential process for parents to resolve disputes, including allocation of parenting time and decision-making responsibilities, among other issues.  Dr. McNamara serves as a neutral, impartial facilitator, guiding parents to their own agreements.  Number of hours varies depending on the scope and complexities of issues, but often mediation is between 2 and 12 hours. 

Evaluative Consultation with Settlement Conference

A confidential process in which Dr. McNamara conducts a brief assessment of the family prior to mediation or settlement conference.  This approach is ideal when there is uncertainty regarding the children’s needs and professional input is desired.  Dr. McNamara provides education and guidance concerning the children’s needs and either presents feedback at the beginning of a mediation session or serves as facilitator during the settlement conference, guiding parents to their own agreement.  Number of hours varies depending on scope and complexities of the issues, but is often between 8 and 12 hours. 

Early Neutral Assessment (ENA)

ENA is a court-based alternative dispute resolution service for parents who wish to work out a parenting plan with the assistance of Dr. McNamara and a neutral attorney. ENA sessions are four hours long.  They are held at the Larimer County Justice Center. It is a voluntary, child-focused process. Parents attend with their attorneys, if they are represented. Agreements reached during the ENA session are read into the court record at the end of the session. ENA is a cost-effective way to resolve parenting plan disputes.  There are limited grant and state funds available for indigent parents. To schedule an ENA session, contact the Family Court Facilitator for the 8th Judicial District (Larimer County) at 970-494-3841.  


Single or multiple sessions with parents, attorneys, other mental health professionals.

Psychological Evaluation

Includes clinical interviews, testing and report.

Psychotherapy for Adults, Children & Families

  • Adjustment to loss, life changes, divorce/separation

  • Parenting and coparenting stress

  • Parent-child conflict and resist/refuse dynamics

  • Stepfamily issues

  • Children and teens dealing with parental conflict and family stress